About Divya

Divya's tryst with Bharatanatyam began at the age of 5. Her love for dance gradually changed to deep rooted passion and serious pursuit. Having undergone rigorous training under the guidance of Gurus Kiran Subramanyam and Sandhya Kiran and Guru Dr. Soundarya Srivathsa, and mentoring in Abhinaya under Guru Bragha Bessel, Divya now explores her artistic pursuits in her home-studios in the UK and in Bangalore.

Divya also had the opportunity to explore the nuances of Kathak under renowned dancing couple – Karnataka Kalashree Sri TD Rajendra and Smt Nirupama Rajendra. During the training tenure under them, Divya has extensively performed with the Abhinava Dance Company as a principal dancer.

Fluid grace, taut lines, neat Nritta, maturity and finesse in expressions mark Divya’s performances. Commitment and discipline personified, her deep understanding of music helps her bring out the intricacies in tough rythmic patterns as well as the nuances of Abhinaya. Divya’s solo choreographic ventures are driven by the quest to communicate the essence and relevance of Bharatanatyam to the modern-day audience. She has conceptualized, scripted and choreographed unique and thought-provoking solo Bharatanatyam features - "MANJARI - Mystique Fragrances" (2015) – a repertoire that delineates the mythological, philosophical and spiritual significance of flowers, “SARVASYA – Quest For Oneness” (2019) – a feature that explores the various ways of defining and connecting with the Supreme Force, “POEMS OF LOVE” (2019) – a collaboration of Abhinaya, Vocals and Multilingual Poetry bringing forth the various facets of Love, “NARMADA” (2017) – a feature on River Narmada, and “SAARINI” (2019) – a feature on the holy Ganges.

A graded artiste of Doordarshan, Bangalore and empaneled with SPICMACAY, Divya is a recipient of the "Gutty Vasu Memorial Prize" from Music Academy Madras, "Natyasree" title from SABHA at Kuwait, "Lopamudra" title from Bhavam Nrityalaya, Bangalore, "Nalanda Nritya Nipuna" from Nalanda Dance Research Centre Mumbai, "Nritya Varshadeep" and "Swaranand Kala Puraskar" awards. Divya has performed as a soloist at many coveted platforms and reputed dance festivals all over India and her international performance-tours include her footprints in the UK, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Kuwait, Hong Kong and China.

A well-rounded artiste, Divya also engages her creative pursuits in writing about the arts and is an active contributor to Narthaki.com and Ananya Kala Sinchana.

" ... With her perfect Tala Laya, she captured the attention of the Kala Rasikas. She won the appreciation of the connoisseurs with her Anga Shuddhi, execution of quick paced Jathis and proficiency in Abhinaya."
(Prajavani - Mangalore Edition)

"...graceful, with her good Nritha and Nritya, she caught the attention of the assembly. Her performance is worth watching."
- Mysore V Subramanya
(Deccan Herald)

"...The straight back, the hip joint controlling and dictating movement, the shoulder level and the torso inclines are some of the finer aspects that gave quality to her movements...."
- Dr. M Suryaprasad
(Indian Express)

" ... All performers displayed elegant poise and expertise. The artiste that stood out for me in her soulful presence, nuanced abhinaya and a quiet ownership of the Bharatanatyam vocabulary was Divya Ravi."
- Sanjukta Wagh (Narthaki.com)

"...Divya’s prowess and mastery over Nritta, Nritya and Natya came to the forefront in the delineation of the Varnam. The Jathis were executed with immaculate precision. The Araimandi poses with delectable Tattu Mettus were a delight to watch, for the connoisseurs and critics alike. Divya’s dance was full of grace and her Angashuddham and Adavushuddham were richly transparent."
- A Boothalingam (Narthaki.com)