Taking her baby steps into the world of creative choreography, Divya has conceptualized and scripted an innovative, novel, unexplored yet extremely relevant theme into a full-length, solo production – "MANJARI - Mystique Fragrances".
MANJARI premiered on 28th November 2015 in Bangalore to a packed auditorium and thunderous applause, and received widespread critical acclaim. Thereafter it has been presented at various prestigious platforms including Rasa Sanje (Bangalore), Uday Shankar Dance Festival (Kolkata), Epicentre (Gurgaon), India Habitat Centre (New Delhi), Nrithyamrutham (Mangalore), Rajangana (Udupi), LshVa (Bangalore), Dharani Kalotsav (Kochi), Kalashakti Mandapam (Vaikom), SABHA (Kuwait), Kalapradarshini Festival (Chennai), Indisha Festival (Chennai) and Naatyasamgraha Dance Festival (Hyderabad). 


 "Divya's thematic margam is a laudable attempt to offer the audience the old in a new packing which is one way of arousing the audience interest in classical dance which is rarefied these days." 
Narthaki - Ranee Kumar

"The interim jathis exemplified sophisticated choreography and Divya’s sense of aesthetics and technique shone through the entire item." 
The Hindu - Harish Bal
 "MANJARI travelled beyond frames of structure, space and time to present Bharatanatyam in its most affable form, whilst yet within narrative format and mythical story genre."
The Kalaparva - Priya Raman
 "MANJARI, the well- researched and sensitively-conceived Bharatanatyam Margam by this versatile artiste deals with the rare and often ignored stories about the significance behind flowers."
The Statesman - Manjari Sinha
 "A thoroughly researched and most interestingly scripted production! Titled 'MANJARI', it has set a standard for how the traditional 'Margam' format can be presented with reinvigorated freshness.” Smt. Ramaa Bharadvaj
 "Divya’s abhinaya for all these concepts elicited lot of appreciation from the audience...The concept was interspersed with well choreographed jathis, which were delightfully executed by Divya with absolute precision." - A Boothalingam

Udayavani Mangalore - Geeta Saralaya

The Hans India - Anna Rao





MANJARI - Mystique Fragrances was made possible by a team of some of the most sought after musicians and technicians of Bangalore.
Original Music Score and Lyrics - Karnataka Kalashree DS Srivathsa
Rhythmic Compositions - Sri Srihari Rangaswamy
Orchestra Ensemble - Vid. DS Srivathsa on the Vocals, Vid. Prasanna Kumar DV on the Cymbals, Vid. Srihari Rangaswamy on the Mridangam, Vid. Mahesh Swamy on the Flute, Vid. Shubha Santhosh on Veena and Vid. Kartik Datar on the Rhythm Pads
Lighting Design - Sri Vinay Kumar
Stage Decor - Sumana R and Sowmya Ravi
Stage Management - Sri Madhu Chandra