Critical Acclaim

“Divya was sorted, stable, substanceful and spiritual. That quality came all through the evening. There was strength and sheen, beauty and bounty of Bharatanatyam. There was firmness of form but no rigidity; there was pride of rendition, no arrogance. Divya is a dancer to watch and follow in years to come. Other things being equal and if gods decide fair winds blow her way, this is the next big star of Bharatanatyam.”
- Ashish Khokar (

Divya Ravi - IIC - PC:JaisonThomas

"... The total control on both nritta and abhinaya in the dancer, whose expressional interpretation full of conviction never took recourse to exaggeration even in the more animated moments of showing anger or disgust or fear, spoke of a maturity in understanding the dance idiom... And with what conviction Divya at once caught the regional feel of Maharashtra in her persona wearing the nath on her nose!."
- Leela Venkataraman (

"...Her stage/video presence is very impressive: her face is enchanting and her eyes are endlessly expressive. Her technique in nritta comes across as flawless. Her dancing lines are exact. Her abhinaya is very finely tuned to just the required sensitivity, neither overdone nor under. Her performances are intelligently conceptualized..."
- Shveta Arora
(Kala Upasana)

"... Divya's nritta was arresting with straight lines, geometric precision, and maintaining rhythm. Her jumps were perfect and she was brimming with youthful excitement, completing her movements dot on time."
- Sunil Kothari (

Media Mentions

"...The physical precision and engaging facial expressions of Bharatanatyam read strongly over video. Ravi leans into the storytelling by pairing her posts with captions of poetry or reflections on the narrative of the piece, sometimes adding English subtitles to the song ... Even for those unfamiliar with the form, it’s easy to get drawn into the emotional expression of the characters she embodies, whose experiences of joy or grief communicate something ageless and universal."
Social Media Stand-outs - Five Dance Artists to follow
- Rachel Maddock (Dance International Magazine)

"The artiste that stood out for me in her soulful presence, nuanced abhinaya and a quiet ownership of the Bharatanatyam vocabulary was Divya Ravi."
26th Raindrops Festival
- Sanjukta Wagh (

"Love makes the world go around and what better way to express it than through dance, music and poetry? This is what husband-wife duo Divya Ravi and Dr. Sharan Subramanian are doing through their artistic collaboration, 'Poems of Love'."
- Bindu Gopal Rao

"Her ability to hold expressions for extended periods of time takes the audience on a deeper journey. The audience were absorbed and energised watching the dancer’s command of the traditional repertoire and her spiritual depth."
Divya Ravi at The Bhavan, London
- Pranita Choudhry (Pulse Connects)